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NOTE: Allow 1 - 12 weeks for some sites to process your submission. Be patient. Keep submitting. Never stop submitting until you have more than you can handle.

TIP: Click on other people's ads. People who place ads are always good prospects, add them to your list. Those who spam you are also good prospects. Do not prejudge. You can add this to your message: "If you are not interested in making money online, you may reply with 'remove'."

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  1. Free Classified Ad ...a must!
  2. Free Classified Ad 2 ...a must!
  3. 123 Add Masters for fast easy submissions.
  4. Free AnyWho Directory Listing so the world can find you.
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  15. Topica.com Lists
  16. Liszt mailing List Directory
  17. 310,000 Free Submission Sites
  18. Africa
  19. Australia
  20. Brazil
  21. Canada
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  33. SBA International Internet Business Cards
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  35. Infoback for 500 Free listings
  36. BizWiz Press Release Press release worldwide.
  37. Add Me for more Free listings
  38. Add URL for even more Free exposure
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  40. Complete A - Z of Free Ads includes Europe Ads
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  48. Best Mall Classified Ads
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  50. Hitch Hikers
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  54. First America Mall
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  56. Webnophobia
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  58. Webovation
  59. Websitings
  60. National Business Directory to promote your URL in 3,500+ cities in USA with one submission.
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  62. Submit your URL Worldwide by countries in this directory.
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  64. Asia Pacific Internet Search Engines For the Pacific Rim countries.
  65. Add URL - AltaVista
  66. Add URL - AOL Netfind
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  74. ASiaLINK 2.0
  75. Atomic Bomb
  76. Atomic Pages
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  80. Dynamic Submission 2000
  81. Dynamic Web Ranking
  82. EZSubmit
  83. Free Stuff To Help You Get More Traffic
  84. Global PromoBot
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  86. HyperHits
  87. Infomarketing Web Spider
  88. Link-o-matic
  89. LinkExchange
  90. ListBot - Create your own mailing lists
  91. Major Submit
  92. Net Submitter Pro
  93. NetEntre
  94. SoftSpider
  95. SSSpider
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  97. Submit Blaster
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  101. The Internet Marketing Suite
  102. The Triton Spider
  103. The Viper Spider
  104. Versatile Concepts.com
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  110. WebSpinner
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  112. Xtreme Software AddURL

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