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How to Be Rich & Happy
By Lorrin L. Lee (from his readings and life experiences)
  1. Live your IDEAL Life now! You only become, achieve and have what you settle for.

  2. DO THINGS that are extraordinary and nearly impossible.
    This is a great way to build your reputation and gain tremendous respect especially for yourself!

  3. Know that: "If it's to be, it's up to me!" Get results instead of giving excuses.

  4. Think BIG! DREAM. Plan. Act. Do it now! Make your dreams a reality!

  5. Keep in CONTACT with the Best, associate with people engaged in the Best, and experience the Best in life.

  6. Do what YOU love. Be your own boss. Get paid for it. Then it's not work!

  7. DUPLICATE, leverage and multiply your efforts and receive a percentage on other people's productivity.

  8. INCREASE your income daily while you are working, playing, sleeping!

  9. Do what YOU do so well that people enthusiastically want to work with you and refer others to you.

  10. CANI! Aim for Constant And Never-ending Improvement in ALL areas of your life.
    Inspire yourself by being your best!

  11. Build your REPUTATION on honesty, integrity, quality, caring, and superb service!
    Money will automatically follow in abundance.

  12. ACHIEVE excellence in everything you do. Make your life a special work of art.

  13. SUPPORT OTHERS in achieving their goals. They'll always remember and love you for it.

  14. Develop influential friendships WORLDWIDE. Travel to broaden your horizons.

  15. Accept TOTAL responsibility for your past, present, and future experiences.
    You were, are, and will always be in control!

  16. The SECRET of business success...is to minimize expenses and maximize productivity!

  17. DO and say things that benefit all concerned.

  18. BE OPEN to new ideas, relationships, and experiences. You'll gain more this way.

  19. Realize that ALL events happen for the very best. Look to the future. Keep moving on!

  20. Whatever YOU give comes back to you multiplied. Always give your very best.

  21. READ books about exciting people you admire. Learn from their inspiring lives.

  22. SIMPLIFY your life! Have more fun per hour! You'll achieve more this way.
    Do not allow your possessions to rule your life. You can live on very little...the rest is for showing off.

  23. BE and act CONFIDENT! You are equal to everyone. Everyone is equal to you.

  24. ACCEPT PEOPLE the way they are and the way they are not...and others will do the same for you.
    You will then always be welcome and live in perfect harmony.

  25. Forgive and LOVE everyone. This benefits you most of all!

  26. Do what YOU feel is best, no matter what other people think.
    Aim to benefit all concerned and you'll make the right decision and do the right thing.

  27. COMPOUND 10% of your income so it can grow eventually into MILLION$.
    If you haven't started yet now is the best time to begin.

  28. GIVE caringly, something daily. A postcard, letter, gift, smile, hug, flowers, compliment to brighten other people's lives, especially yours!

  29. Collect PICTURES of what you want to Be, Do and Have in life. Look at these goals daily. If they are right for you, you'll have them sooner than you think. The way will come on how you will acheive them.

  30. DO NOT Criticize, Condemn or Complain! This does not benefit others...especially you!
    Offer solutions instead...so all will gain and rejoice!

  31. Act as if you are GUARANTEED to succeed. And you eventually will!

  32. Live in an ELEGANT building. You'll have a greater tendency to meet people that can influence your life.

  33. Dine at the FINEST restaurants. You always deserve the best and healthiest food.

  34. Stay at the BEST hotels in the world. Why not enjoy living memorably for awhile?
    You deserve it, whether you believe it or not! (It does not have to be the most expensive.)

  35. DRESS to look and feel great! And you will.

  36. Collect QUOTES that inspire and motivate you. We all need this kind of input daily.

  37. What you SAY is what you GET. Speak and write only positive words.
    Words have great power to influence people...including you.

  38. Carry a fresh $100 BILL with you at all times! It does wonders for your prosperity consciousness.
    It will come in handy in an emergency. Plus, it's a fine work of art!

  39. ACT AS IF your goals are already accomplished and you'll achieve them magically!

  40. EXERCISE at least 30 minutes daily to achieve and maintain your ideal body.
    Walking in your area or park is a nice way to do this.

  41. EAT mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, grains, low-fat food, and fiber.
    Drink lots of fresh water and get plenty of rest. Healthy foods make for a healthy body.

  42. AVOID / MINIMIZE alcohol, tobacco, sugar, salt, soft drinks, white flour, coffee, pork, beef, unnatural foods. Consume what benefits you to strengthen your body and increase your energy.

  43. Avoid saying: "I can't. It's hard. It's difficult." Say: "I can. It's easy. It's simple!" Words will create your reality!

  44. AS WITHIN, so without. Keep your appearance, home, desk, closets, car clean, neat, and organized!
    Your personal environment reflects your state of being!

  45. TREASURE every second of your life! Waste not one precious moment...ever!

  46. Have IDEAL relationships with others. This makes living wonderful and fun!

  47. Spend more time with NATURE Take time to be alone with yourself to meditate.

  48. Learn something NEW every day. This is the key to never-ending happiness!

  49. Constantly ESCALATE your goals. Stay hungry! Drop the past.
    What are you doing today? That is what really counts.

  50. There's so much in life to enjoy. Let's all go for it! Let's live life to the fullest!