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Find People Who Desire to Succeed
By Lorrin L. Lee
Look for people who desire to succeed ...who want a better life for themselves and their family. People who are willing to work, to pay the necessary price to get ahead. These are the kinds of people who would appreciate this opportunity. There are many people out there who are looking for a chance to make it...without a large initial investment. People who want to be trained. People who desire to learn...and will persist until they achieve their goal. It's up to you to attract them to you.

Lead by Example
When you meet such people, all you have to do is set a good example for them to follow. These are people with DESIRE...who will listen, who will learn and apply the principles of success in business --- and who will build with you a successful network of entrepreneurs.

You cannot make people want success. You only can find people who want it --- and SHOW THEM HOW TO DO IT...by example!

Find Self-Motivated People
People really can be only motivated by themselves. You cannot motivate others. If you spend too much time trying to get them going, you may be just wasting your time. They must WANT help from you. If they do, they will call you, they will attend meetings, they will work and spend long hours to get ahead. THEY MUST BE SELF-MOTIVATED! It's fun to work with these achievers. You only need about a dozen like them to create a lifestyle only a few will enjoy.

People Need Your Guidance
It is not your responsiblity to do it for them. You can only guide and provide encouragement... to share their disappointments and to praise their successes. They must make it happen on their own.

Build Your Reputation
Eventually, they will lead their own group. Do their own one-on-one presentations, attract their own customers, recruit, and train new networking entrepreneurs. Of course, when they reach this stage of growth, they will have had personal achievements which will have established their foundation for a new level of confidence.

You will then be proud of them and for the opportunity you had to help them get to the top. This achievement will build your reputation. You will have earned the respect and admiration of your peers as well as your community and the world.

Keep on Sharing Forever
You made an important contribution to other people's lives. You have learned to keep on sharing an opportunity for others to create for themselves a richer and happier life. This will motivate you to find more and more people who desire to succeed.