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50 Ways to Make More Money in Network Marketing
By Lorrin L. Lee
  1. Use the Products — regularly.

  2. Make a TOTAL committment for at least one year to do your best.

  3. Sell Youself first — on the company, products, and compensation plan.

  4. Spend 90% of your business time with distributors, customers and prospects.

  5. TALK to at least ONE person daily on the products and opportunity.
    Recommend the products and business to them.

  6. Let Everyone Know what business you are in. Promote what you love to do!

  7. Make Understanding Peoplemore important than product knowledge.

  8. DUPLICATE your Efforts and make distributors independent of you.

  9. Motivate Your Group Monthly by offering money, travel, recognition and other rewards for specific achievements.

  10. Praise Your Distributors'accomplishments...in newsletters.

  11. Mingle with Top Distributors and ASK HOW they made it.

  12. Be Persistent— only one out of every 20 people you approach may get serious about the business or be interested in your products. A numbers game!

  13. Lead by Example.Never stop recruiting, training and retailing. Your distributors will tend to do what you do.

  14. Keep It Simple:Do things others can easily duplicate and copy.

  15. Keep in Touch — communicate by newsletter, meetings, weekly calls, postcards, voice mail — and pass on pertinent information immediately!

  16. Conduct SIMPLE, brief, and dramatic presentations. Facts tell, stories sell. Show people how to succeed by example.

  17. Listen80% of the time, talk 20%.

  18. Satisfy ALL complaints immediately.

  19. Concentrate on what you can do for your distributors and customers, not on your own profits.

  20. Ask for Referrals from your best customers. These are the best leads.

  21. Give Customers Morethan they expect. Everyone loves a free gift!

  22. Develop at least 100 retail and/or wholesale customers ...for daily cash flow.

  23. Ship orders out within 24 hours.

  24. Believe in your Products so much that you know every person you talk to is going to buy from you.

  25. Tell your customers how much you APPRECIATE their business.

  26. Don't accept "NO"as a final answer — follow-up each prospect monthly with new information. Keep in touch!

  27. Send customers monthly promotional information. Don't forget your customers and don't let your customers forget you!

  28. Always Speak Enthusiastically about your business and products.

  29. Work on Top Priority projects that produce the highest returns.

  30. Build Your Listof contacts daily while building a solid reputation.

  31. Approach former Top Producersof no longer existing multi-level companies. They may be open now to listening.

  32. Fit the Needs of a prospect with the BENEFITS of your products and/or business opportunity. Focus on benefits.

  33. Organize your Files so you can locate any piece of information in 30 seconds.

  34. Use an Answering machine or service, and return all calls within 24 hours.

  35. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly GOALS --- and do whatever is necessary to achieve them.

  36. Subscribeto network and internet magazines. Read self-help books. Keep learning daily.

  37. LISTEN to cassette tapes on multi-level tips. Constantly improve daily.

  38. Do Not Passnegative rumors downline! Check out the facts yourself.

  39. Expand your distributorships worldwide. Think global. Think BIG!

  40. Tell Others what they are interested in knowing, not what you think they should hear. Make people like you.

  41. Spend Money on things that will make you more money. Minimize expenses! This is the key to growing profits!

  42. Scheduleimportant tasks at the time of day when you are at your best.

  43. Delegate --- do those things only you can do. Save yourself for critical projects.

  44. Read Biographies of successful people to be inspired by their lives.

  45. Aim to Sponsor people who can give you the best return on your investment.

  46. Plow your Profits into wise investments and back into building your business. You alone are responsible for the success of your business!

  47. Know that: "If others can do it, so can you!" Challenge yourself — daily.

  48. Give yourself a REWARDfor reaching your goal and a penalty for falling short.

  49. Have so much FUN in your business that others want to join you. Promote how much fun you are having!

  50. Be always driven to: DO IT NOW!